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About Neardex

Neardex is a hyperlocal platform that has upgraded and innovated the whole e-commerce world. The practice of online shopping is very popular for years but there were some limitations which till now didn?t have any solution. Neardex came up with the intention to merge online e-commerce and offline stores to meet the large scale demands and deliver goods to the customers within 60 minutes and has succeeded successfully. It aims at providing the best and most satisfactory shopping experience to the customers sitting at home.

Neardex, a nearby delivery expert, provides its customers, the facility to buy the desired product from the desired local shops to ensure the best quality purchase. As the name suggests, neardex removes the gap between the buyer and sellers by connecting everything online. Neardex facilitates the customers to choose the desired nearby local store to purchase the required product. Basically, it connects the local shopkeeper to the local consumers.

It connects the offline local stores to the online world hence providing them with an online platform and their shop, the best exposure possible. Neardex has been proved to be an asset for the customers, local offline stores as well as delivery partners as it keeps in mind the requirements and wishes of all of them.

How does It work?

The working algorithm of neardex is quite simple and an example for the modern e-commerce websites. When a customer orders any product, the information of the order is notified immediately to the shop owner, and then the order is prepared and packed and then is out for delivery via the delivery partners. This whole process gets completed within 60 minutes to provide the fastest delivery to the customers. And if a person wants to be a shop or delivery partner of neardex, he/she just needs to send information to neardex via email/phone. and then the rest of the work is done by neardex. Neardex approaches the shop and discuss everything about the policies and then the partner is made to accept the partnership policies and neardex brings their offline business online within 2-3 days. Neardex is always active to help and assist its customers, delivery partners, and shop partners.

The story behind!

There were a lot of limitations to practicing online shopping. The urgent and immediate delivery of the products was not possible, there were certain trust issues as the shop partners were not local and hence the customers didn?t have any prior information about the seller.

Keeping in mind the limitations and having an innovative idea of delivering orders within 60 minutes, some intellectuals initiated ?Neardex?. They thought of delivering products within 60 minutes observing that the food, which takes time to be prepared, gets delivered within a short period of time. They took a lot of surveys and collected a lot of information and found that due to less assistant and a lot of mess-ups the local small stores, who wanted to expand online, were not being able to do so. The process of making a website and expanding a business online is really difficult, especially for those who didn?t have any knowledge about all this. So, the idea of Neardex came up with which solved all the problems and helped the local interested offline stores to go online.


Providing customers, the best experience of shopping online without any problems is the vision of Neardex. Delivering products and spreading smiles eradicating all the trust issues and assure product excellence si the dream of far-sighted e-commerce platform ?Neardex?. It aims at providing customers a very trustworthy experience with the most amazing shopping, payment, partnership, and return policies.

Neardex aims at making India?s e-commerce 100% Indian by connecting local offline stores to the online world hence helping them grow their business. Neardex always cares about everyone associated with it, rather it is the customers, delivery partners, shop owners, by providing them with the best services, best comfort zone to work, and the best platform to grow their business.


Neardex has been proved as an asset to the offline stores whose business was greatly impacted by the increase in the e-commerce market. Neardex mission is not only to provide the customers with the best and trustworthy online shopping experience but also to give back support to the local small stores and the delivery partners to promote the small scale Indian market and help the small scale retail stores to grow. Neardex has been providing the best services to all these sectors and will keep learning and innovating the online e-commerce market.

Exceptional features

  • Fastest delivery within 60 minutes.
  • Facilitates shopping from favourite stores.
  • Builds trust between the buyer and the seller.
  • Provides an online platform to local offline stores.
  • Help local stores to grow.
  • Facilitate custom orders.
  • Has easy return policies.
  • Gives exciting offers and coupons.

Neardex has modified the concept of online shopping and is continuously struggling to innovate the platform. Neardex has always cared about its customers, shop partners, and delivery experts irrespective of the returns. Neardex has taken steps forward to promote the local offline stores by bringing them online and making them more innovative. The easy working policies of neardex have attracted a lot of buyers and sellers and hence it has successfully delivered the packs of orders along with some happiness to the customers from the sellers along with the delivery partners helping all of them to grow.