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All the three building blocks of the whole e-commerce industry ie, the buyers, the sellers, and the delivery partners are always our first priority, and neardex is always ready to assist and help them.

All kinds of questions/queries are warmly welcomed by neardex and we assure you the fastest assistance possible. For any question/query/help,

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Our customers are everything to us and we value them more than anything and are always available to solve the queries they have regarding Neardex ! For any question/query/help,

We are an e-commerce group with a goal to provide an online platform to the local shops and stores. If you want to register your shop with us do read our partnership policies and write to us at or Contact Us

Neardex ensures it’s customers, the fastest delivery and for that, delivery experts like you can be proved very beneficial. If you want to join us as a Delivery Expert then write to us at You can also contact to our team by calling at +91-722291847

Our delivery experts deliver the product at your doorsteps within 60 minutes hence providing the best services to the customers. Ensuring the comfort of the delivery experts, the hours are restricted from 8 am to 8 pm. Yet the order placed after 8 pm is delivered to the customer earliest on the next day!

Customers’ feedback are of most value and helps us to improve a lot. You can write your experience on the feedback section of the Neardex app in google playstore. If you want to provide feedback related to our service, you can also,

Neardex is a local e-commerce store that focuses on customers’ satisfaction. Neardex provides the facility of placing same order from different shops. When the customer adds any product/item in its cart, the cart is then filtered with the shops having that item, and hence same order can be placed from different shops. Yet the delivery time and charge may vary.

Yes, there is a minimum order value for some shops, yet this totally depends on the shops. Each shop has a different minimum order value!

Yes, the shops from which the customers shop, demands some delivery charges. Yet neardex keep on surprising its customers by giving them free coupons and offers that sometimes cut the delivery charge and help you get the best deal.

Neardex, the biggest online local store has the easiest return policies with satisfactory processes to apply. If a return is made within 24 hours of delivery then neardex ensures 100% refund to the customers. For more information read our Return policy

Yes, it is necessary to have an account on the website or install the Neardex app. Yet there are some extra features given in the app only like “custom orders feature” from where we provide the customers the best-customized happiness we can ! Customers can just upload a list of items(Grocery, medicine, healt care etc.) and Neardex combines it and deliver at your doorsteps.